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Whatever your social value needs, our experienced, passionate team are ready to help. We promise integrity, transparency and people who are great to deal with.

Because we are ‘true independents’, we work across the market, recognising multiple methodologies and frameworks.


If you’re unsure whether your organisation is likely to achieve an award, you can apply for a pre-audit. This identifies gaps in your evidence, management, understanding and processes ahead of an official audit. You’ll also receive an action plan based on the findings, to give you a greater chance of success.

Audit and Verification

Audit and Verification

For independent verification of your organisation’s value, commission our audit services. Audits take place either onsite or remotely, and analyse your information, case studies and processes to verify your claims. We also engage with your staff and stakeholders to understand how social value is perceived and delivered within your organisation.



We exclusively award the Social Value Quality Mark® – the UK’s most rigorously tested accreditation for values-led business. Please visit our Awards page for more information about the process and the benefits.

Partnership Services

SVB logo

Social Value Business

SVB are UK leaders in social value measurement, development and training. For over 20 years, their team of passionate practitioners have worked with organisations from all sides of the economy, including many of the UK’s best-known brands.

As founders of the Social Value Quality Mark®, SVB is uniquely well placed to support your accreditation journey. Our unique partnership means we can provide you with brilliant services at special rates. Work with SVB to:


Discover your starting point, with a comprehensive Gap Analysis.


Create a social value strategy or plan, aligned to your business goals and stakeholder needs.


Design a measurement framework that captures all the value your organisation creates.


Develop specific areas of your strategy, such as setting up a social enterprise or appointing a charity partner.


Equip you with the knowledge and confidence to embed social value, through SVB’s training programmes.


Report solid, evidence based impact to your customers, shareholders and staff.

Advice Cloud

Advice Cloud

(Public procurement)

Advice Cloud are experts in selling to the public sector. They support companies to navigate public procurement and assist Government with buying technology. If you are motivated to win public sector contracts, this is the right team of people to guide you.


Positive Planet

Positive Planet

(Public procurement)

Positive Planet delivers innovative ways to turn intent into impact. They can support you to develop your sustainability strategy, upskill your team and perfect your tender writing when it comes to your Net Zero goals. Services include:

• Full carbon footprint measurement
• Carbon reduction planning
• Carbon Neutral certification
• Carbon literacy training


Sonar Engagement

Sonar engagement

(Community connection)

If your social value strategy requires a place-based approach, Sonar Engagement can support with community connection. They offer community mapping to enable organisations to build their social value plans around local need. They also support with grassroots engagement by bringing organisations together with local stakeholders.