Pre-Audit Option

If you’re unsure whether your organisation is likely to achieve the required standard, you can apply for a pre-audit. This identifies gaps in your evidence, management, understanding and processes ahead of an official audit. You’ll also receive an action plan based on the findings, to give you a greater chance of success.

For the pre-audit, we ask for a reduced list of documents and evidence in support of the Audit Categories described.

Stakeholder Engagement

The following internal stakeholders are also engaged during the pre-audit, through a series of 1-hour online sessions.

  • Session 1 – SV Sponsor
  • Session 2 – SV Leader
  • Session 3 – HR and Training and Development
  • Session 4 – Contract Manager
  • Session 5 – Specific to the organisation


You will be presented with a ‘findings review’ and action plan to support your organisation’s progress towards the qualification threshold of 80% compliance against the standards.


Area of Review Findings and Observations Recommended Action Rating
Calculating Value There is limited evidence to suggest that the organisation has a clear approach to translating outcomes into meaningful impact, and therefore, the calculation of value is not possible.

No evidence of a connection between the delivery of activities against Key Value Indicators and what is being measured.

This is considered an area of noncompliance.

a) An urgent review of the approach to calculating value using a recognised social accounting methodology. Adopt the principles of a financial measure that stakeholders will consider legitimate.

b) Define the legitimate (government recognised/industry-leading) source of financial metric that is used to calculate value.