Organisations of all sizes and sectors can apply for Social Value Quality Mark® accreditation – from multi-national companies and SMEs, to public sector organisations, universities and charities. The main requirement is a genuine commitment to doing business in a way that benefits society. You must be willing to work through our accreditation process and have your value independently audited and verified.

However, there are some higher risk industries that we don’t accredit or engage with.

Industries with perceived risk

There are several industries associated with potentially high levels of social risk. These are industries often seen to have disproportionately detrimental impacts to employees, customers, the environment and society.

At Social Value Quality Mark CIC, we take our role as stewards of the UK’s highest social value standards very seriously. For this reason, we have a two-tier approach to perceived risky industries.

We recognise that some industries represent greater need and therefore, greater opportunity, for change over time. Where there is a genuine commitment to demonstrate significant and meaningful change, and to influence change in the industry as a whole, we may consider applications from the following. This is decided on a case-by-case basis with clear parameters agreed upfront.

  • Debt enforcement
  • Fast fashion
  • Fast food
  • Humanitarian side of defence
  • Tobacco, cigarettes and e-cigarettes
  • Alcohol
  • Gambling
  • Defence, armament and military contracting
  • Fossil fuels: Gas, Oil, Coal

These lists are not exhaustive and may be added to over time. We always seek to build a clear understanding of client organisations, their activities and their motivations for seeking accreditation, before agreeing to engage. The accreditation process requires demonstrable evidence of positive business practice and meaningful change; SVQM rejects applications that fail to meet the 80% threshold.

For further advice, please feel to have a conversation with us.

Unsuccessful Awards – Appeals Process

You can appeal the outcome of an audit within 10 working days. Your grounds for appeal must be sent to
Our independent Oversight panel will consider your appeal and provide a decision in writing within 21 days.