Social Value Quality Mark® Silver Award


The Silver SVQM marks a significant step up – taking your original pledges to the next logical stage. At this level, we ask you to provide the evidence to show your commitments are generating positive, meaningful impact for society. Successful Silver Award accreditation is a sought-after achievement.

SVQM Silver award

During the accreditation process, your organisation will establish:

  • Legitimate measurement methods to capture data against your Bronze level commitments and pledges.

  • Evidence to demonstrate your commitments in action – from case studies to management information.
  • A forecast of the annual social value you are delivering, against the initial pledges.
  • An understanding of how internal and external stakeholders perceive your social impact.

The benefits to you

  • Provide robust, meaningful evidence in response to social value tender questions.
  • Win business across sectors, based on the strength of your social value commitment.
  • Build genuine credibility and reputation with customers, clients, stakeholders and investors.
  • Differentiate your organisation with employees and future talent – as an ethical, sustainable business that is brilliant to work for.
  • Showcase your award externally – a Silver Award celebrates demonstrable social impact.

Validity: 2 years Cost: From £995 + audit time

The process

Silver accreditation is tested through a comprehensive audit process. You will be sent a series of audit questions that test for compliance against the following review areas and weightings. You will be asked to prepare evidence to support your application.

ACI Group
“Consumers want demonstrable proof of sustainability claims from the brands they purchase from. At ACI Group, we want to help our customers and suppliers ensure that any sustainability claim is measured from the outset.”
Karsten Smet, Director, ACI Group

Review Areas and Weightings

Each of the review areas is weighted based on the priority and level of influence they have on the overall outcome, transparency and legitimacy of claims.


Focuses on your approach to the measurement of social value within your organisation.



Focuses on how you’ve gathered data and information to evidence your progress against your social value pledges and Key Value Indicators.



Focuses on the process of using your data and information to calculate the direct, indirect and hidden value.


Eco System

Focuses on the extent to which your social value approach has influenced and benefitted your supply chain and partners.



Focuses on the transparency and legitimacy of your reporting against your social value pledges and Key Value Indicators.


Award Threshold

You will receive a set of audit questions which test compliance with the Review Areas, above. Each question will be scored and weighted. To be awarded the Social Value Quality Mark® Silver Award, you must achieve a minimum weighted threshold score of 80%.

Pre-Audit Option

If you’re unsure whether your organisation is likely to achieve Silver, you can apply for a pre-audit. This identifies gaps in your evidence, management, understanding and processes ahead of an official audit. You’ll also receive an action plan based on the findings, to give you a greater chance of success. For details, download the Silver Accreditation Guide.