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Make your social value commitment today.

SVQM Bronze is the entry point and marks the first step in verifying your commitment to creating, measuring and reporting social value.

This area makes it easy for you to sign up to the accreditation.

SVQM Bronze

Where to start – the requirements

These are the main requirements for achieving Bronze. Each will need to be evidenced when you submit your application. If you need support, Social Value Quality Mark CIC and NHS Arden & GEM CSU will be happy to help.

Nominate an executive sponsor and social value lead


Nominate an executive sponsor, social value and environmental lead

Social value commitment starts at the top. It should be part of your senior decision-making, culture and how you do business.

Establish an internal Social Value development group


Establish an internal Social Value development group

Your development group will help embed social value throughout the organisation, so we recommend it includes department heads and influential representatives from different parts of your business.

Define social value for your organisation


Define social value for your organisation

Social value is the positive impact you create for society. We invite you to make this definition specific to your organisation, in collaboration with your team.

Develop your social value legacy statement


Demonstrate your community and patient values and expectations

You will be asked to provide evidence that you’ve considered your stakeholders’ needs. We recommend undertaking community and patient engagement. You should seek to understand local issues, what people need and expect from their healthcare provider and where you can make a difference.

You’ll also be asked to confirm the number of active volunteers in your organisation and the total number of hours they’ve donated.

Develop your social value legacy statement


Develop your social value legacy statement

This is your outward-facing statement of your organisation’s role in society, so it should feel impactful. Think beyond your products and services to the difference your organisation makes to people’s lives in the longer term.

For example: ‘We exist to support our patients to live rich, inclusive, independent and fulfilling lives for longer.”

Wheel of value


Create your social value pledges

You will need to submit a minimum of 6 pledges, aligned to the mandatory Community Themes. There are also four discretionary themes. You are not required to make a pledge against all of these; focus on the ones where you can make the most impact.

For example: ‘We pledge to support a more resilient local health system by integrating with local delivery partners.’

Health & Wellbeing
Employment and Volunteering
Education and Skills

Crime and justice
oScial and Community

Create measurable Key Value Indicators


Create measurable Key Value Indicators

Your KVIs are the targets against which you’ll measure progress against your pledges. These should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound. An example might be:

‘Raise £10,000 for our mental health charity partners in 2024’
Or, ‘Provide 12 weeks of work experience for medical students in 2024.

Create your roadmap


Create your roadmap

You need to provide a 3-page roadmap setting out how you will deliver your plans over a 12-month period. This should include statements and milestones around research, consultation, delivery, measurement and reporting.

Commit to report within 12-months


Provide key policies and commit to report within 12 months

You will be asked for evidence of your carbon plan, environment and social value policies. Your carbon plan must include Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. When you commit to Bronze, you also agree to gather the data necessary to support your pledges. So be prepared to report this data transparently.

Pricing Structure

The amount you pay is based on your organisation’s annual turnover. This is to keep the Social Value Quality Mark affordable and accessible for smaller organisations and VCFSEs (Voluntary, Community, Faith-based and Social Enterprises).

Up to 999k £695
1m to 2.4m £795
2.5m to 4.9m £995
5m to 9.9m £1,095
10m to 24.9m £1,195
25m to 49.9m £1,295
50m to 99.9m £1,595
100m to 249.9m £1,895
250m to 499m £2,095
500m to 999m £2,295
1bn to 4.99bn On Request
5bn to 9.99bn On Request
10bn + On Request

Ready to apply? Upload your evidence and you’ll be taken to the payment page. You can pay by credit card or bank transfer, or raise a proforma invoice.